Floor plan showing the topics each area covers and the colors that correlate. 
Model plan
Information Systems and Typography
 "Witches Worship the Devil" This section discusses the beliefs and practice of witches, including Wicca and higher powers.  The reader rails in the center of the section explain the image of the pentagram and common confusion with Satanism.
 "Witches Use their Powers for Evil" This section discusses the Wiccan rede, herbal medicine, spells and rituals.
 Custom typographic treatments highlight special moments of interaction throughout the space. 
 Typographic call-outs signal the viewer to a fun fact or area of interaction.
 A larger than life courtroom scene from the Salem witch trials.
 Dimensional infographic with statistics about the Salem witch trials in a graveyard scene
 "Witches are Old, Ugly Hags" A wall of TV monitors and photographs act as a timeline of witches in entertainment media. Artifacts, like the bicycle from The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins' umbrella, float above the ground and activate the space.
 "Witches are a thing of the Past" This section leaves the visitor on a lighter note, discussing witchcraft in contemporary culture and provides an opportunity for the visitor to reflect and share what they have learned in the exhibit.  
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